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The K-PAK™ System : OZKOR Pty Ltd




OZKOR Pty Ltd is an ISO 9001-2015 certified, leading Australian company in its field, originally formed to specialise in the supply of plastics materials handling equipment such as plastic pallets designed to suit specific industrial needs.

Since OZKOR’s inception it has evolved into a specialised centre for the provision of a wide range of materials handling products ranging from pallets to collapsible bulk bins; steel roll cages and stillages. Ozkor’s design and development resource will provide a focus on the creation of new products to suit our customer’s specific applications. From the initial consultation we will carefully project manage the step by step development process, in close cooperation with you, aimed toward a satisfactory outcome within a budget and the high quality standards expected.

By closely working with Australia’s largest food retailers, Ozkor has developed Australian standard size pallets which work perfectly in automated warehouse systems as well as reusable retail display pallets for better presentations and greater distribution efficiencies.

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Website:  www.info@ozkor.net.au  

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Address: 3/44 Bessemer Street, Blacktown ,NSW 2148

Email: info@plasticpallet.com.au

Phone Number: +61 2 9672 8588

The K-PAK™ System

Innovation drives packaging costs down
Aluminium Extrusions using the patented, reusable K-PAK packaging system

Assembled K-Pak System

When it comes to packaging aluminium extrusions, the annual costs of single use disposable timber packaging materials,and consequential waste issues,has become a major burden on the industry as well as the environment.
In order to tackle this global problem, Australian plastics injection moulding company, Ozkor Pty Ltd, in partnership with leading industry extruder,Capral Aluminium, seems to have come up with a solution that is poised to challenge the industry’s views on packaging options.
The system is designed to be reusable between producers and end users where a closed loop delivery system can be implemented.
Reportedly, after introducing theK-PAK System, a resulting return on investmentwas experienced after 10-12 trips; as well as improved efficiencies along with a significant amount of waste disposable packaging being eliminated.
Using this breakeven point as a base line, a 60 percent reduction in packaging costs was achieved which equated to an annual saving of AUD $500,000 when considering an extrusion plant producing an 8,500 tonne throughput, using an average pack size weighing 225 kgs. This is notwithstanding the additional savings gained through improved product protection measures.

6 x metre extrusions bundle ready for dispatch to customer

Stacked extrusion bundles

Extrusions securely strapped

Ozkor invites interested parties to meet them on stand 4 at the Australian Aluminium Extrusion Conference (AAEC) in Melbourne from Monday 10th to Wed.13th September and join the increasing number of companies who are exploring the potential savings further.

For further information contact: Ozkor (Australia) Pty Ltd   info@ozkor.net.au or Alan Morgan on: +61 (2) 9672 8588