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The Blueprint For A Successful Product : Inventor Group


About Us

The Inventor Group, a team of engineers, marketers, designers that work to make innovation accessible for everyone. Founded in 2015, we’ve worked with clients from a vast range of backgrounds, to help them turn their idea into a reality. We’ve developed products across a range of sectors; from healthcare, to retail, to childcare. We work with suppliers, industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies to take the guesswork out of starting a business. Our mission is to help our clients turn an idea into a complete business.

We don’t just hear an idea, develop a product, ask for money and usher the client out of the office. Traditional product development businesses tend to operate on a sink or swim mantra. That’s not us. We develop businesses, not just products. And that’s what makes us different.

Social Media Handles

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Contact Information

Address: Suite 67, 89-97 Jones Street
                Ultimo NSW 2007

Phone Number: (02) 8004 5038


The Inventor Group

Why Are We Different?

We’ve developed a comprehensive 10 step Product Development Blueprint. It guides us in every one of our projects and is the core driver of our success. But we’re not ones to keep secrets. So, we’ve made it available for free in an EBook on our website. If our process can even slightly help drive innovation in Australia, then we’re happy.

There’s nothing revolutionary about our process, we’ve developed it as a framework, not the be all and end all. It all begins with both primary and secondary market research, to truly hone in on the target market we’ve identified. From there, we dig deeper, as our User Experience experts work their magic.

We’ll then sit down with our client to hold an idea generation workshop, where we poke and prod at existing ideas while brainstorming new ways of tackling the problem. Next, we get out the sketchpads, open up modelling software and get to work developing the product concept. This seamlessly flows into a more structured engineering process, where we use modelling software to feed into a prototype. Our prototyping processes are tailored to meet the needs of the product. That could mean anything from 3D printing to silicone injection molding.

Once we’ve got a prototype, we start testing and evaluating the product. If we find design flaws that require a new prototype, we’ll restart the process again and again until we get it right. And eventually, when the clients happy, we can finalise the design.

But it doesn’t end there for us. There’s so much more to a business than the product itself. We work with the client to take care of all manufacturing and logistics requirements, to ensure the business has a cost effective and efficient supply chain. On top of that, we offer a full range of marketing services. Whether the client simply wants help with their marketing strategy or for us to manage their entire digital presence, we’ve got it covered. Our expert marketing team helps take the guesswork out of strategy and advertising.


Of course, we manage the project the entire way through too. All the client needs to do is simply check in with us to ensure we’re on the right track.

Flexible Focus

Throughout all of our projects, we’ve focused heavily on staying flexible. Each new client we chat to could require a process we’ve never used before. So, we need to be able to quickly adapt our skills to fit the needs of the specific project we’re working on. We believe that true innovation is best supported by a dynamic team and business operations.

And it also ensures our work stays fresh and exciting, because we believe that work enjoyment can foster great results.

Sayonara Silos

Finally, we believe that one of our biggest strengths lies in cross disciplinary collaboration. We’re seeing this as a trend across research organisations and universities worldwide. Cross disciplinary research groups, such as Sydney’s own Bachelor of Creative Intelligence at UTS, are popping up everywhere. We believe that businesses should be no different. The days of the Silo Effect in companies are numbered, as decision makers realise the power of collaboration.

At Inventor, collaboration is at the forefront of what we do. We’re all in the office together and constantly discussing ideas and tasks between departments. While it may seem strange to see a marketer and engineer discuss design features of a prototype for some businesses, at Inventor, it happens on a daily basis.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop leaving innovation to the big companies and millionaire entrepreneurs. Your idea could be the next industry-disrupting, game-changing, awe-inspiring product to hit the market.

All you need is a little help along the way. And for that, we’re just a phone call away!