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Pyramid Shades


Certified sun protective fabric, compact and easy to set up –
the sunshade perfect for every adventure!




In Australia, the traditional umbrella is still the sunshade of choice, however if it does not offer UPF treated fabric – harmful UV rays can easily penetrate the fabric of the umbrella.
It has been demonstrated via studies that the actual sun protection factor of an umbrella “is probably between (SPF) 3 and 7 in real-life” even if the fabric blocks out all harmful rays. This is due to the reflective rays that bounce off surrounding surfaces like the sand or skies. Since the umbrella only blocks direct rays from above, the user underneath is susceptible to harmful rays from all other directions.

Blake Wilson & his brother Rhys Wilson have spent countless hours conceptualising, prototyping and testing. They now have a design that will revolutionise the sunshade. A sunshade that addresses all the key factors desired - ease of use, compact-ability, sun protection and an eye capturing aesthetic.

Pyramid Shades – Night View

The team at Pyramid Shades has been hard at work for almost two years to bring to life a sunshade that offers a solution to the flaws of today’s sun shelters. It may be the blowing down the beach, complexity in erecting, sheer manpower involved in moving the classic sunshade to its intended location or just the look wasn’t enough for it to betaken it out of the cupboard in the first place – Pyramid Shades has the answer.

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Website: pyramidshades.com (currently re-routing to Kickstarter campaign)

Contact Information

Email: blake@pyramidshades.com


Pyramid Shades | The Next Generation Sunshade

Venture to the beach or take on or a hike with a super light, compact sunshade over the shoulder that only took seconds to set up!

Reinventing and simplifying – The result is a beautiful and extremely portable design that is easy to use, plus the essential sun protection factor.


Pyramid Shades provides sun shelter, not just from above but also from 3 sides, to combat the regularly forgotten diffuse and reflected rays. Pyramid Shades eye-catching shape has been intentionally designed to not just look good but shelter users from the rays that bounce off surrounding surfaces. The fabric is manufactured out of fabric to block out at least96% of harmful sun rays and is Australian certified for this protection category.


Pyramid Shades is exceptionally portable. Patent pending design allows for the structure to fold into itself and into an integrated bag that weighs only 2.2kg and 60cmin length. The compact nature gives the freedom to take on any journey without the strain in getting it there.


Pyramid Shades is designed to be used by everyone on every adventure whether it be relaxing at the beach, a stop on a hike, family fun at the park, lazing around the pool,hanging out with friends or even romantic occasions. Pyramid Shades has endless uses.


The optional solar panel accessories help to provide power while out and about by harnessing the suns natural energy. Connect a Phone, speaker or the optional fan to keep cool while off the grid.



Patent Pending Design

The patent pending design of the Pyramid Shades allows for the entire structure to collapse into itself and within the integrated bag. It can be put up and down in less than 30 seconds.

Integrated Bag

The entire shade collapses into the integrated bag and hence needs no additional baggage. It also makes it super easy to carry and transport.

UV Protected Fabric

The fabric of the shade is UV blocking and protects your skin from the harmful effects of Sun. The fabric is ARPANSA certified which is an Australian government body regulating the radiation protection.

Water Resistant Fabric

The fabric is also water resistant so that the unexpected drizzles don't soak your spirits down.


Pyramid Shade weighs just 2.2 kg/ 4.85 lb which makes portability and handling convenient.

4 X Sand Pocket

The sand pockets at the corners are designed to keep the shade in place. All you have to do is fill the pockets with sand and the shade is set to place. If you are not at the beach, the pockets can be filled with any other object that weighs the shade down.

Sturdy Foot Anchor

The sturdy foot anchors at the 4 corners give the shade its unique pyramid shape and easily grip the ground.

Solar Panel Holder

The solar panel clips onto the top of the shade. You can choose for the Solar panel in your pledge by selecting the Pyramid Power Pack.

Optional Fan

If you need, you can also opt for a mini-fan that is included in our Pyramid Power Pack.

• Phone Pocket
Keep your phone and other valuables up from the ground and out of sight so that they are safe in the specially designed Phone Pocket.

Speaker Space

There is nothing like relaxing to the sound of your favourite song. Bring your speakers and hang them in shade to never be without music. Make your own boom-room.

Ventilation Mesh

Let in that cool breeze - The ventilation mesh allows for fresh air to circulate through the shade and out the other end.

Pull strings

The pull strings assist in putting the shade up and also can be used to peg down the shade if you don't have any weights handy.

It is our dream to create a stylish, convenient, easy to use and ultimately a sun shade that will reduce the prevalence of skin cancer.

Pyramid Shades launched on Kickstarter 23 August 2018.