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Garth Elliott

About Us

ZETR - ZETR IS AUSTRALIAN DESIGN AND OWNED is a range of electrical accessories that compliments current architecture trends with a minimal and refined aesthetic. Our range of outlets and switches integrate with the surrounding surface to provide minimal impact on the specified finish.

ZETR has been designed by Garth Elliott locally in Australia. His challenge was to re-imagine the traditional electrical outlet and switch for modern architecture and design. So Garth set out to design and develops a completely trim-less range of world first mounting assemblies that allow for simple installation of electrical fixtures across various surface types and thicknesses to achieve a flush finish.

The ZETR 13-Series range has been awarded 'Best In Class' at the 2018 Good Design Awards for product design, and also shortlisted for the 2018 INDE. Awards for object design.


With values in clean, dynamic, practical and innovative design, we are continuing to develop our range, experimenting with new electrical accessory designs and finishes to expand the ZETR offering to answer the needs of the architectural community in Australia, New Zealand and globally.

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Address: Unit 1, 5-7 Careel Head Rd Avalon Beach 2107
Email: garth.elliott@zetr.com.au
Phone Number: 0420300320




ZETR is a range of recessed, trim-less, and completely flush switches and outlets that integrate with the surrounding wall surface to provide minimal impact on architectural finishes. A world first, ZETR is designed to be installed within various wall types and thicknesses all achieving a flush finish.

ZETR is a new concept of electrical outlets, switches and accessories for commercial and residential installations.


The ZETR No.13 series is a recessed, trim-less, and completely flush range of switches and outlets that integrates with the surrounding wall surface to provide minimal impact on the specified finish. This sets the product apart from the traditional larger surface mounted cover plate options available. The assembly is set or mounted within the wall as opposed to over, and allows for general power outlets, push button switches, push button dimmers, data outlets, USB outlets, telephone ports and other data accessories.

The ZETR No.13 series faceplate size is 132 mm x 46 mm when installed in plasterboard and render, and 134 mm x 48 mm when installed in stone, tile, timber and joinery.


• ZETR outlets and switches are set or mounted in the wall as opposed to over and are designed to be installed within all surface thicknesses and varying wall types including plaster board, stone, tile, timber and rendered walls using our unique mounting assemblies.

• Our range includes double outlets with and without double USB modules, as well as switches with 1,2,3, and 5 gang options and compatibility with automation systems. This enables designers to use the product throughout the whole project.

• The design steps away from the traditional boxed outlet & switch shape, introducing a curved form where the outline relates to the inserted plug.

• No more on/off switches required for outlets due to our auto switching mechanism allowing for a completely flush finished face.

• Outlets are fitted with inbuilt safety shutters, making them tamper proof.

• The cover plate which is available in matte black and white is also designed to be match painted on site to the desired wall colour for true integration with the wall.

• We are also close to launching custom design cover plates to match different adjacent finished surfaces such as timber, veneer, brass, aluminium and stone. This will allow the face of the outlet or switch to sequence match the surrounding surface.

• This is the first time on a world-wide basis that an adjustable mounting assembly for fixing an electrical accessory of an outlet or switch has been developed on a commercial scale that can be installed in a variety of finished surfaces and surface thicknesses.


Socket outlets are 250V AC 10A. Optional USB ports are 2.1A suitable for smart phones and high power tablets.

Switching and dimming load ratings will vary depending on the product selected and installed within the mounting system for lighting control. Product is designed for pushbutton switches and universal dimmers but will accommodate other brands.


ZETR products are available in white and black matte finish. The cover plate can be match painted onsite to the desired wall colour. We are also currently working on custom cover plate materials and colours to match different adjacent finished surfaces such as timber and veneer.


All ZETR No.13 socket outlets contain an auto switching mechanism which is engaged when the plug pins are installed into the outlet keeping the finished face completely flush with the surface.


As an additional safety measure, our outlets contain inbuilt safety shutters.