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Thermal Inkjet Augmented Reality




Digital Ink Technologies offers advanced polymer thermal ink technology which is a new ink category.

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd has a global OEM agreement with Xiamen Sojet Electronics to distribute and sell our range of polymer thermal inkjet technology in HP thermal inkjet printers.

Our Master Distributors have been fully trained in the use of our unique technology and offer full support and local service to our customers.

Digital Ink Technologies is a specialised research & development company and is 100% focused on the development of innovative digital inks for new and emerging digital print head technologies

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd is now represented in six (6) continents.

Contact Information

Address: 1&2, 74 Mason Street
                Campbellfield, Victoria
                Australia, 3061

Email:     dit1161@me.com

Phone Number: +61393575533

FAX: +61393575588


Thermal Inkjet Augmented Reality

A new way to interface with retail customers
When shopping at a supermarket wouldn't it be great to know if your product is vegan, organic or even on discount that day, simply from an alert from your smartphone?

By  combining  cost  effective  industrial  HP  thermal  inkjet   technology and next generation augmented reality via smartphones, manufacturers in  the  Fast  Moving  Consumer  Goods  Market  now  have the ability to offer a modern reactive retail experience.

“Food manufacturers now have the ability to provide an exciting way to provide more information about their products, targeted to those customers seeking niche and nutritional products” said Michael Mahoney, Managing Director of Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd.

Retail customers simply download the ARtij ® Alert APP to their Android smartphone and then scan the ARtij ® thermal printed logo.

Michael Mahoney said “With retail customers wanting to know more and more information about products in supermarkets the ARtij ® Alert APP offers customers the ability to be notified with up to 15 alerts including; Vegan, Organic, Kosha, Halal, Suger free, Dairy free, Nut free, GMO free, Buy me, I’m on Sale, Discounted 10%/20%30%, Discounted today. Each ARtij ® thermally printed logo will trigger a custom animation relative to the specific target logo”.

For manufacturers in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Market custom alerts can also be developed including product videos and animations to highlight products in a unique way.


At the forthcoming FOODTECH Tradeshow in Auckland and also PACKEXPO in the USA in October 2018, Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd will be demonstrating the PATENTED Thermal Inkjet Technology combined with next generation augmentation.