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Cocky Smart : Wound Healing And Anti-sacring Treatments



John Chamberlain, Company Founder and Director


Cocky Smart PTY LTD is a small company run by its founder and director, John Chamberlain, who is supported by a small administrative team.

John is a visionary, inventor, innovator and dynamic entrepreneur who is the founder and major shareholder of 2 biotech start-up companies; Cocky Smart Pty Ltd and Auto Immune Plus PTY LTD.  He is the inventor of the Cocky Smart intellectual property portfolio and responsible for its management.  John is also the driving force behind the company’s research programs to advance the product lines to early stage commercialization.

Cocky Smart Pty Ltd is a biotechnology company who owns a series of patented formulas and technology platforms for compounds derived from the preen gland of the sulphur crested cockatoo (Cacatuagalerita), which unlike other animals, is not plagued by parasites or disease and can live for a hundred years. These unique biologically active compounds, whose efficacy has been refined over millions of years of evolution, have multiple applications including insecticidal, antimicrobial, wound healing and anti-cancer properties.  While there are 130 compounds in the avian-extract with the potential for useful biological activity, so far Cocky Smart have rigorously researched and developed 12 formulations that have significant commercial potential.  These patented technologies are in varying stages involving research, product formulation, testing, licensing and commercialization.

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Address: PO Box 106, Victoria Park, WA, 6979

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Phone Number: (08) 9470 2997


A Smart Cocky

After a great deal of research and discovery, John found that the birds produce a special powder from their preen glands near the tail feathers.   This powder was analysed and found to have 130 active compounds that have a range of properties including insecticidal, parasiticidal, antimicrobial and wound healing. Perhaps the most significant discovery though, is the anti-cancer activity demonstrated by the actives compounds.

As John had hypothesized, the Sulfur Crested cockatoo evolved its own pharmaceutical factory unit that, not only protects it against pests and diseases, but also assists in regenerating damaged tissue and preventing cancer.

Since the initial observation and discovery of the preen gland powder, a series of synthetic extracts have been produced and are used in the Cocky Smart range of product formulations.

Chinook Contract Research Study

The CS4652 formulation was arrived at through the chemical analysis of preen gland secretions from the sulphur crested cockatoo. It is comprised of three compounds considered to be “active”components and two carrier solvents. Two of the active components have long been used as ethno-biological reagents with several proposed medicinal properties including efficient wound healing. The third active ingredient is a common chemical reagent that, to our knowledge, has not been tested for wound healing efficacy. This compound has, however, been part of a number of high throughput bio assay screens published in the Pub Chem database.

The main active ingredient in CS4652 has been shown to activate at least six hormone receptors,all of which have known positive effects on wound healing. The active ingredient of CS4652 has also been shown to inhibit the activity of the androgen receptor. This hormone receptor has been shown to inhibit wound healing and has been implicated in the age-related impairment of the wound healing process. Initial literature searches, therefore, indicate that this formulation may enhance normal wound healing and inhibit at least one pathway that has been implicated in the impairment of the healing process in chronic wounds.


Anecdotal evidence attained through the application of the CS4652 to domestic and agricultural animals as well as human volunteers indeed suggest that this formulation has a moderate effect on enhancing normal wound healing and a marked effect on the healing of chronic wounds, in the reduction of scarring following burns or facial wound healing and in the resolution of shingle outbreaks.

Conclusions and Future Directions:

The Study undertaken by Chinook Contract Research demonstrates that under strictly controlled laboratory conditions the CS4652 formulation moderately enhances normal wound healing as measured by the reduction in wound bed area over time without effecting the efficient regeneration of normal skin tissue. The formulation exhibits no overt skin toxicity in an animal model that is considered to be the closest animal model system to human skin available.

Future directions include further animal studies such as the molecular analysis of the archived samples from this study looking for the up regulation and down regulation of the specific hormone receptors thought to be targets of the core active ingredient in the CS4652 formulation. We have enough archived samples to also undertake a whole genome screening for genes affected during the application of CS4652 to full thickness wounds.

These studies combined with documented anecdotal data from humans may be sufficient to embark along the TGA regulatory pathway of Phase I or Experimental Phase 0 clinical trials.