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eShepherd - A GPS Enabled, Training Collar


eShepherd let’s you muster, move or monitor livestock from your smart device


 Ian Reilly
CEO, Founder


Ian Reilly ,Agersens Company founder and experienced engineer, new technology product developer, and program manager. Ian has more than 20 years experience in leading and managing multidiscipline teams through the development of innovative new technology products for global markets. 

Headquartered in Melbourne- Australia, Agersens is an innovative agri-tech company revolutionising livestock production globally by applying virtual fencing technology developed by CSIRO – to which Agersens holds the worldwide exclusive license.

The Agersens team includes engineers, beef and dairy producers, animal behaviour and welfare scientists and business leaders committed to delivering this important innovation globally. Global partners include CSIRO, Gallagher, State and Federal Governments, Meat & Livestock Australia, Dairy Australia, universities, agricultural research organisations, cattle and dairy farmer associations, and natural resource managers.


With more than 1,800 patents, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is Australia’s largest patent holder.

Since 1916, CSIRO has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in science and technology. Its world-renowned successes include WiFi, the Hendra vaccine and polymer banknotes.

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Contact Information

Address:  1100–1102 Toorak Road,Camberwell, VIC 3124 Australia
Email:      https://www.agersens.com/contact-us/
Phone Number: 03 8849 8600


eShepherd - A GPS enabled, training collar

eShepherd™ is a GPS enabled collar and a mobile application to fence, move, or monitor livestock. Draw your boundary anywhere and your cattle are trained to remain within your virtual fence.

GPS boundaries are loaded into the collar. Using Google maps and your computer or tablet, virtual boundaries can be set to a specific point on your property. The animal will be notified by the collar when it has reached a boundary.


Holstein Dairy Cows wearing eShepherd Collar 

Agersens’ eShepherd is a GPS based collar and smart device app that can:

•    help beef and dairy farmers increase productivity while also reducing their costs
•    improve the health and welfare of livestock
•   promote a cleaner environment by preventing cattle from polluting our waterways, or overgrazing and damaging our land.

Agersens and CSIRO Collaboration Agreement

Leading agri-tech company Agersens and CSIRO have signed a Collaboration Agreement to build on their existing relationship as they develop and commercialise livestock technologies made possible by eShepherd.

The collaboration between CSIRO, a globally recognised powerhouse of research and innovation, and the vision and impetus of Agersens will continue to propel farming into the digital age.

eShepherd is a smart collar system for livestock, enabling cattle producers to create “virtual fences”. Using a smartphone, tablet or PC, producers can remotely fence, muster and monitor their livestock 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

This virtual fencing system uses a GPS-enabled, solar-powered smart collar containing a CSIRO-developed algorithm to train cattle to stay within the virtual boundary when they hear an audio cue from the collar. The technology was patented by CSIRO and is licenced exclusively to Agersens worldwide. 

Ian Reilly, CEO of Agersens, said the technology has the capacity to revolutionise livestock farming globally by unlocking value from the digital transformation of the beef and dairy industries.

“Using eShepherd, beef and dairy producers will be able to improve the grazing control and wellbeing of livestock and protect wildlife from the danger of entanglement in traditional fences. “This will lead to more productive and profitable farms,” said Mr Reilly. “eShepherd will also benefit the environment by keeping livestock out of sensitive areas like waterways.”

eShepherd has a huge potential market in beef and dairy herds worldwide, with future opportunities to adapt the product for sheep, deer, pigs, goats, camels and other livestock.

“Modern producers understand that improved grazing control leads to more productive and profitable farms,” said Mr Reilly, “and they are keen to adopt technology that will get that result.”

Drewe Ferguson, Research Director of livestock research in CSIRO’s Agriculture & Food Business Unit, said “we’re pleased to be able to continue collaborating with Agersens to deliver innovative new technologies to the global livestock sector.”


Agersens has already received orders for thousands of eShepherd collars in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada and the UK.