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Stealth Electric Bikes

Stealth Electric Bikes

Stealth Electric Bikes is home to some of the most advanced electric bikes and e-bike technology in the world, all handcrafted in Australia.

Each Stealth bike is engineered with a dedicated purpose in mind and offers bespoke technology, capable of delivering bombproof performance and unparalleled durability. The B-52 is our all-round enduro assault weapon, the F-37 excels across technical downhill trails, while the H-52 is for motocross enthusiasts looking to add a new dimension to their two-wheeled experiences.

Electric bikes offer a solution though by mixing manual pedaling with a powered ride, and the new Stealth P-7
stands out from the pack with impressive range and versatility in a durable build. Designed and manufactured in the company’s facility in Melbourne, Australia, is what makes the Stealth P-7 e-bike a particular welcomed edition to the bubbling world of e-bikes.

The long-range battery pack and heavy duty suspension combined with its ease of transportation meaning that you can take it anywhere, This means this e-bike can comfortably bring you back and forth to work, but also let you tackle tougher weekend trail adventures. Stealth also promises that the P-7 e-bike won’t break your bank account.

This e-bike is 100% street legal, which means you won’t be breaking any laws with it riding on streets, and still pump adrenaline on weekends.

 What’s So Special About The Stealth P-7 E-Bike?

The design sheet is impressive and takes a no-brainer approach to an all-around e-bike. By minimizing moving parts, it aims to maximize reliability by using the company’s well tested Chromoly monocoque chassis. Stealth is so confident in its own design; it offers a three-year warranty on its frame and swingarm, with a year’s warranty on all other parts.
One of our favorite features is that the Stealth P-7’s lithium-ion battery pack can be upgraded to a beefy 1.5kWh with an onboard DC-1 computer. That option will stretch your range to 93 miles. The sort of longevity that could make a once-a-week plug-in enough to keep you running to the office and back.

The Stealth P-7 uses a rear-located planetary geared 250 W BLDC hub motor, with a 9-speed twist grip gear selector. In street legal trim the P-7 has a Pedal Assisted top speed of 25km/h, however in Competition (throttle only) mode, it is capable of 45km/h. The bike features 27.5 inch wheels with dual suspension. The whole bike weighs in at 29 kg (64 lb).

With a starting price of $6,990. After a successful Kickstarter campaign where we exceed our goal by more than 150%, the first batch of P-7's is about to roll off the production line.

The creators of the Stealth B-52, F-37 and H-52 have started from a blank sheet to develop a totally new model to add to the Stealth hangar. Jam packed with features, the P-7 will be delivered in 100% street legal trim allowing riders to "fly straight past the radar" on their daily commute or weekend adventure. The P-7 is set to be one of the most versatile ebikes on the planet.

Budding Stealth pilots who would like to see more specs can jump on the Stealth website (www.stealthelectricbikes.com) and learn more about what's promising to be, the shape of things to come.