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ASAP DASH :World's Fastest Battery Pack


World's Fastest Battery Pack. Charges enough power in 15 minutes to charge an iPhone 5 to 100% twice

ASAP Dash charges up to 16x faster than standard power banks in the market today

The idea of ASAP Dash was born when founder Vinson Leow, a frequent world traveller, decided he could no longer cope with always being low on phone battery. The solution is a charger that can charge most smartphones 100%, fits into any pocket and charges in 15 - 18 minutes. With over 10,000 hrs of research and development into cutting edge battery and protection circuit board technology we've created our revolutionary surge charging technology.

We're a team of designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs across Australia and United States who've worked together the last 2 years to bring this vision to life.

Our patented fast charge technology puts us miles ahead of the nearest competition both in charge speed and size of the charger allowing you always be on-the-go. It's the first charger in the world to give you a whole weekend of charge to carry around that's pocket sized!

ASAP means "As Soon As Possible", which is how fast you can now be on the go with your smartphone.

Unlike other rapid charge chargers which have a tiny capacity (under 2,000 mAh), ASAP Dash stores an incredible 5,000mAh keeping your phone going for more than 48hrs.
"mAh" refers to the battery capacity of your phone. Samsung phones have a larger capacity than iPhone and hence will typically last longer.
              We're also launching at 11,000mah version next 2 months. 

Most portable chargers take FOREVER to charge, we've all been there waiting up to 10 hours to power them up, keeping you stuck to the wall and defeats the purpose of portable power.

ASAP Dash features an amazingly slim and sleek anodized aluminum shell. We've really stripped down the charger and removed the unnecessary features to give you one of the thinnest high capacity chargers you've ever seen. Don't be fooled by the sleek profile as it does pack a punch of battery power!

With the latest ground breaking technology, cutting edge design and experienced suppliers with 15+ years in the electronics industry, we ensure safety, quality and portability.

The ASAP Dash not only works with all Iphone and Android devices, it is also compatible with all USB devices. Most phone chargers or power banks are only capable of outputting 2.1 Amps. We're already preparing for the future phones that accept a larger input, the ASAP Dash comes with a 2.4 Amp output. This makes it compatible with all iPad's and tablets.

The high output also means your iPhone will charge 2x faster than your standard wall charger (1 Amp).

By using advanced battery technology, ASAP Dash solves this conventional problem with fast charge speeds and a 1,200 battery life cycle, that's 4x the industry standard.

This means most batteries when used 7 days a week will only last 1 year whilst ASAP Dash will last 3+ years even when used 7 days a week. Finally a reliable charger that lasts!

The result of a higher energy conversion speed is a much smaller adapter vs other fast charger brands, 40%+ lighter. With an adapter that's only 150g, that's light enough to fit in most pockets or bags for all your adventures.

             PLEASE NOTE: ASAP Dash charges in 15 minutes, not your phone. 

Imagine a world with unlimited battery power, living life unplugged and always on-the-go.