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TTi-108 Titanium Bolt Action Tactical EDC Pen with Tritium

TTi-108 Titanium Bolt Action Tactical EDC Pen with Tritium

A brand new design "S" sharp bolt mechanism, with tungsten glass breaker at the end - the new tactical design makes it more useful.

  Nearly Every single part of the pen is titanium CNC made.
Three-gear bolt mechanical structure.
•       Easy conversion between roller pen and tungsten glass breaker. 
Inserted with 6 tritium vials, self-illuminates for 25 years, which can allow you easily         locating it in the dark.
Compatible with all standard roller refills and G2 refills. 
Engraving with your own custom logo/words on the clip (option)
Elaborate design, artistic structure, and comfortable feel. 

A tactical pen can be a good option for self-defense in an emergency. The pointed "glass breaker" on the end of the pen is basically a kuboton and can be a self-defense tool.

Put the bolt screw down, it is a fancy everyday pen, and put the bolt screw up, it will turn into a practical self-defense tool.

To prevent the glass breaker from retracting back, we designed "S" type new design.


Material: Titanium.
Titanium Parts: Clip, Screws, Cap, Tip, Body, Bolt, Bolt Screw.
Accessories: Roller refill, tungsten glass breaker, O-Ring, Spring
Optional Accessories: TTi-068 Refill titanium extender.
Diameter: 10.6~10.8 mm / 0.42 in
Total length: 140 mm / 5.51 in. 
Total weight: 33 g / 1.16 oz. 
Color: Space Grey, Classic Silver, Midnight Black, Black & Gold.

Tritium Version

People loves this Glow in Dark Tritium version!!!

Six tritium tubes (1.5 x 6 mm) were inserted into the tip, which can self-illuminate for 25 years. 

Tritium color can be selected from blue or green, and the default version features 3 blue and 3 green alternately.

Titanium & Structure

Every part of the pen is 100% Titanium except refill, spring, and the Stylus Nib. No casting or welding. Easily customizable mechanical structure and replaceable parts. The shaft is a Three-Gear Bolt Structure providing easy conversion between Rollerball Pen and Stylus.

Titanium Body:

The solid and lightweight titanium body is precisely cut and assembled, which is accurate to 10.6 mm in diameter and 1.3 mm in thickness. 

After careful calculations and multiple tests, 50 waves on the grip are made to provide superior grip yet keeping a comfortable feel.

Titanium Clip

Grade 5 Titanium and intricately carved, the clip is 1.0 mm thick meaning it is both sturdy and elastic. The unique semicircle endpoint protects your clothes and paper from tearing. 

Tritium Version

TTi-108-T-RT-HB: Space Grey, hand-blasted finish, reduces reflection and glare, fingerprints resistant. 

TTi-108-T-RT-SW: Classic Silver, Stonewashed finish, preserve the original look overtime, hides scratches easily. 

TTi-108-T-RT-PD: Midnight Black, PVD-Black coating, fingerprints, and abrasion resistant. 

TTi-108-T-RT-DG: Black & Gold, PVD-Black combined with Ti-N Gold brings the unique color assortment. 


To make your pen unique, we offer a custom engraving service for all version. Any number, character, or logo you like can be engraved on to the Clip. 

The ring is made of Titanium as wel