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Nu Pods : Instant meal replacements and supplements in compostable pods

Instant meal replacements and supplements in compostable pods

Stop skipping meals and give your body the nutrition it deserves. It’s a tasty meal in seconds that will save you time, money and designed with your health and the environment in mind.

Nu Pods are dietary supplements and meal replacements. Founded in 2017 by two guys looking for a healthier ‘fast food’ option, Evan and Dean are creating a product designed to provide the goodness of a balanced meal in a single serve – just add water, a Nu Pod and shake. Evan and Dean are on a mission to contribute to the well-being of people and the planet with a vision for longevity through the strength of community, innovation and positive action.

Nu Pods are a first-to-market meal replacement in powder form contained in a single-serve pod. Nu Pods are formulated to be used with a specially designed shaker that mixes the pod ingredients with liquid. Fill the shaker with water or coconut water, place the pod into the cap, press the cap down on the neck, shake and enjoy.

Nu Pods is a plant-based meal replacement powder packaged in a first-to-market single-serve biodegradable pod. Nu Pods, developed by Nutricium, are the first supplement to be served in this type of pod. Nutricium was founded in 2016 by Evan Belogiannis and Dean Zilic, driven by a mission to improve fast food options by producing products that are healthy and environmentally friendly. Their overall vision is for a positive impact on global food security and hunger.

The Ingredient mix is formulated to provide a balance of nutrients with plant-based proteins, Low Gi carbohydrates, fats, fibre and multivitamins and consumed in place of unhealthy fast food options as part of a balanced food diet.

Nu Pods:

•    First meal supplement served in pods

•   Ingredient mix formulated to provide a balance of nutrients, plant-based proteins, Low 

    Gi carbohydrates, fats in place of eating a balanced meal when you don’t have time to sit

    and eat

•   Biodegradable pods that are compostable

•   Reusable shaker

We have designed Nu Pods with all plant-based ingredients and a balance of nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Then we developed biodegradable pods for single-serve shakes that break down into organic matter once discarded. We believe in good health for people and the planet. We have a vision to use Nu Pods in humanitarian applications. We want to be able to ship Nu Pods to areas of natural disasters or famine as a source of emergency nutrition.” says Evan Belogiannis, Nu Pods co-founder.