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MiSun Solar LED Light

Solar LED Light

The world’s most compact and functional solar LED lights

Wattlo Pty Ltd has launched what will be the benchmark in portable, programmable solar LED lighting. The MiSun range of products provide lighting for a sustainable future.

Delivering up to 12 hours of continuous high lumen lighting on a single full charge, the MiSun product balance solar energy capture, energy storage and light output perfectly. Designed for home and outdoors use, the MiSun range of solar LED products is dust and waterproof and has a minimum battery life of five years.

“We initially wanted to develop a simple solar light for use in developing countries, where lighting and access to the power grid is not possible. However, based on feedback during development we now have four MiSun products that are highly versatile and feature rich,” said Lee Knaggsi, Project Lead and Environmental Engineer.

At only half an inch thick and fitting in the palm of your hand, all MiSun products have inbuilt mounting magnets, other accessories are available to allow the products to be used in a number of ways. Another handy aspect is the USB charging port that can be used as a power bank for mobile devices.

 Product Highlights


12 x Super-bright LED (all models)
12 x color RGB LEDs (all models)
3 x brightness modes + 1 x flashing light model (white models)
16,7 million colours (color model)
16 x pre-programmed effects
440 max lumen output(color model)
324 max lumen output (white models)

Solar Technology

High efficiency solar cell (>19%)
Mono-crystalline solar module
Full recharge in one day


Super low profile only 13,2mm height
Fits in your hand only 122mm diameter

Battery Technology

Contains no heavy metals
Safer than other lithium batteries
Lithium Iron Phosphate composition

Holding functions

Self-retractable hanging loop
High powered magnetic attraction


Safe non-toxic silicone rubber
Recyclable ABS plastic
High transparency acrylic lens

The four products in the range are:

•    MiSun White – a powerful 324 lumen output white light

•    MiSun Motion – same features as MiSun White but with a motion sensor

•    MiSun Sound – same features as MiSun Motion but with AM/FM/SW radio

•   MiSun Colour – premium model controlled by free App. Includes 16 colour effects with   

    speed control,16.7M colors, timer on/off function and energy saving brightness control.    
Market sector and uses

•    Camping                          
•    Boating
•    Fishing
•    Outdoor activities
•    Survivalists
•    Disaster Management
•    Entertainment
•    Smart homes
•    Home improvement
•    Visual effects
•    Emergency lighting
•    Household lighting
•    Dynamic lighting

“Bringing the MiSun products to market has been an international collaboration with the team spread across ten different countries. We’ve seen a continued double-digit growth in the global solar energy market in the past decade with LED lighting set to exceed $50 Billion by 2022. It’s a great time to be involved in lighting upthe world with renewable energy”.

How to Buy:

Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/misunlight/misun-lighting-for-a-sustainable-future

“Launching on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, we hope to gain the support to mass-produce these lights for use in emergencies, disaster management, humanitarian response and to provide lighting for the estimated one billion people without lights in their homes.”

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About Wattlo Pty Ltd

Founded in 2010 Wattlo Pty Ltd is an Australian based business focused on the development and delivery of energy efficient lighting solutions. Wattlo's mission is to become a market leader in advanced LED and solar lighting and energy efficient lighting solutions. Wattlo encourages a friendly and fair work environment, in a fiduciary manner which supports our company, industry and community.

Contact Details

Lee Knaggsi, +61409533626, info@misunlight.com

Other Wattlo products designed by Lee Knaggsi, Environmental Engineer and Founder, Wattlo LLC, Wattlo Pty Ltd.