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DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

The First Soccer Ball That Uses AR to Train You

Brooklyn, NY — On August 17, 2017, DribbleUp launches the first soccer ball with augmented reality on Kickstarter. The ball connects to the DribbleUp training app on iPhone and Android using your smartphone’s camera and advanced computer vision algorithms.


The DribbleUp app follows the ball in real time and synthesizes thousands of data points into training feedback. A virtual trainer guides players through drills, provides real time audio feedback and grades performance at the end of each drill.

In the United States alone, there are more than 3 million youth soccer players and 250,000 adult players. They spend $70 million on soccer balls each year and the market is growing quickly. There are currently no options on the market for a tech-enabled soccer ball. The DribbleUp smart ball is the first that can be used not just to train but also for free styling and in games.

Soccer app tracks our soccer ball using the smartphone camera and guides players through interactive drills and training. The app adapts to players’ skill levels, making it effective for a 4 year old kid and challenging to a professional player.

Our augmented reality soccer app is second to none and represents a revolution in consumer soccer technology. We’re affording access to players of all backgrounds to high quality training whenever and wherever - all the while, making soccer training fun. Players can train inside inside their living rooms at night or on a rainy day, then take their balls to the field the next day where they can use our goal shot analysis and freestyle recording features.

Product Features

●    $89.99 Retail Price, includes smart soccer ball and smartphone tripod Stand.

Smartphone not included

● Regulation size and weight soccer ball available in Sizes 3, 4, 5

● High quality textured, matchball-quality skin with butyl bladder

● Augmented reality soccer training using your smartphone camera

● Soccer homework for interactive at-home training

● Goal shot tracking and freestyle recording

Eric and his younger brother, Marc was founded DribbleUp Inc.

“I sincerely believe that in the future every sports ball will have an app, it’s just so obvious” said DribbleUp CEO Eric Forkosh. “Every soccer ball today – no matter the price – works the same way it worked a century ago. We’re using technology to make soccer balls that deliver a more magical experience while helping players take their game to the next level.”

Eric (age 24) is the technology guru and leads all the software and hardware development for DribbleUp. He's a robot builder, medical device inventor, and a licensed private pilot.

Marc (age 20) is the operations ninja and manages all of the logistics for DribbleUp. He's a hardcore soccer player, patented inventor, and an incredible freestyler.

Our Websitewww.dribbleup.com

Watch - https://prismic-io.s3.amazonaws.com/dribbleup-web%2Ff2dae360-d772-40fd-904d-dffd1f3e21d2_header+video+export.mp4

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