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The Beast V2 - Second Generation Large Format 3D Printer


A BIG 3D Printer for even BIGGER ideas



Josh Mamo and Dan Herlihy

About Innovator

Josh's background is in Mechanical Engineering. Dan's background is in IT.

Cultivate3d is a small business based on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia. It is run by two Industrial Engineers with a passion for the amazing possibilities 3d Printing presents.  Both Josh and Dan have spent years tinkering and constructing their own brand of customised Large format 3D Printers and have now released "The Beast" - the result of 1000's of hours of testing and tweaking.

Linkedin:  www.linkedin.com/in/dan-herlihy-1a143b140

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cultivate3d/


They wish to make 3d printing accessible to as many people as possible throughout the world and strive to do this by creating printers that are affordable, easy to use and well documented.

“We don't believe in needlessly making our printers more expensive with fancy case designs, by doing so, we are able to keep our printers modular, modifiable and focus our efforts on the things that really matter to 3D printers - Quality and Speed”.

Social Media Handles

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/cultivate3d/

YouTube:    cultivate3d
Instagram: cultivate.3d 

Twitter:     @Cultivate_3D

Website:     cultivate3d.com

Contact Information

Address: 11/9-11, Willow Tree Rd,
                Wyong, NSW 2259

Email: admin@cultivate3d.com
Phone Number: +61 2 4351 2261


The Beast V2 - Second Generation Large Format 3D Printer


The Beast V2 is the result of 3 years R&D and is based on previous successful printer the Beast V1 and V1.2.  “The Beast V2” is the culmination of nonstop re-design, re-evaluation and 1000’s of hours of testing since the successful funding of first model over 2 years ago.

The Beast V2 is the second iteration of highly successful "The Beast" 3D Printer which we launched on kickstarter in August 2015.  The Beast V2 is a modified design of the original, addressing all customer concerns and feedback with the previous model. 

Most notably, the obvious major improvement is the addition of an enclosure to prevent warping during print and a larger build area – The V1 had a build volume of 470x435x690, the V2 500x490x690mm. The construction is more rigid than the original, the gantry was designed to carry a CNC spindle.

Surprisingly, managed to keep the price roughly the same as the original model.  This is due to engineering improvements and a simplified design.

Main features

●    Price – Bang for buck the best value large printer available.

●    Australian Designed and Made

●    Build volume 500x490x690mm

●    Fully Enclosed Build Area

●    1000w Heated Bed

●    Optional Dual Material Printing

●    Optional Synchronous Printing

●    Filament Out Detection

●    Auto Bed Levelling

●    Fumes Can be Ported

●    Positional Accuracy of  (X)6.25 (Y)6.25y (Z)1.25 Microns

●    Approximately 50% few parts than the original "The Beast V1".

The Beast V2 Comes with absolutely everything required to build a fully functional single hotend printer. Additional hotends will be required in order to take advantage of Synchronous printing or Multi-material Printing. Build time varies depending on your level of experience with Kits and 3D Printers. As little as 12hrs can be required to start printing. More for those who have little 3D Printing experience.

Flexible Hotend Options


A 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

The Beast V2 Prints Big, in Super Fine Detail

Multi Material or Synchronous Options


The number of filament types supported are as diverse as your imagination

• The Beast V2 is available by pre-order only via Kickstarter.  It is unlikely we will stock this model for off the shelf sale, however we may offer future pre order opportunities.

• ETA of supply is Sept 2018

• More details available on Cultivate3d.com or Kickstarter

• Our V1.2 Printer featured in The Gold Coast Bulletin here with Surgeons from the Gold Coast University Hospital taking advantage of the massive build volume to print MRI's and visualise procedures before cutting patients open.  : http://bit.ly/2Gv25SG