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Bat Booth : Personnel De-dusting Booth System



 Director, Melton White

About Innovator

Mideco is an Australian owned company that specialises in dust control products and solutions for mines, quarries and any commercial environment. In Australia we have been a recommended supplier of industrial and commercial dust extraction systems for the past 60 years. Our extensive range of products and solutions, including the Bat Booth™ and Burnley® Baffles, have been proven in a vast range of applications both locally and overseas. Our environmental technologies help you take care of your most precious resource - people - by maintaining the air quality in your workplace.

Our Team

Ours is a small but dedicated team of experienced engineers with Mideco’s director, Melton White, having been in the company for the last 23 years. Our combined knowledge accumulated through six decades of successful dust extraction projects for local and overseas clients allows our team to design the best possible solution for the most challenging of issues. Our clients are confident in our expertise to provide the most reliable and innovative solution for their dust problem. Mideco doesn’t only take care of the dust but your peace of mind.

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Bat Booth
(Personnel De-dusting Booth System)

Mideco’s Bat Booth™ was created specifically for workplaces where dust is a hazard and is effective against even the smallest dust particles.

According to Cancer Council Australia it is estimated that 230 people develop lung cancer each year as a result of past exposure to silica dust at work. The silica dust released during working with materials like stone, rock, gravel and clay is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand and without appropriate dust controlling equipment the health of your staff is at risk.

Our Innovative Solution - Personnel de-dusting Bat Booth™ can remove up to 80% of dust in seconds. All it takes is a press of a button. Bat Booth™ uses compressed air to blow the dust off the contaminated clothing. The dust is then captured and contained in a highly effective filtering system.

The Bat Booth™ is equipped with HEPA filters which comply with the latest American NIOSH standard and are currently the most efficient filters commercially available. The process takes only 10 – 12 seconds and tests have shown a 50% improvement in dust removed from clothes over other methods. The competitive solutions where a single point air hose method is used usually provide only temporary relief from the dust.


Bat Booth™ comes fully assembled and requires minimum installation. It can be used frequently throughout the day without causing delay to your work processes.

Bat Booth™ could be used for a variety of applications, here are just some of them.

•    Industrial minerals processing
•    Celica processing
•    Lead recycling
•    Metal refining
•    Powder coating processes
•    Mineral mining operations
•    Bulk grain processing
•    Healthcare industries
•    Quarries
•    Cement processing plants
•    Wood working companies
•    Textile plants
•    Construction sites
•    Fertiliser processing


Why Bat Booth™?

•    Retains even the smallest dust particles
•    Quick, safe and effective
•    Multiple applications
•    No complicated installation required
•    Comes with full engineering support
•    Undergoes regular maintenance checks
•    Can be used multiple times per day
•    Meets required safety standards
•    Cost effective

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing you with the best service, most appropriate environmental technology and engineering support. Every Bat Booth™is tested before being dispatched to a client. We include one year warrantee that covers repairs and parts replacement (where we are responsible). After the first 12 months, The Bat Booth™ is serviced quarterly. Mideco engineers check the HEPA filters four times a year to ensure high level of dust removal throughout the operating cycle. In addition, our latest software allows to count blasts and control filter status thus ensuring proactive maintenance when required without delaying your operations.

At Mideco we have ongoing commitment to accumulating industry knowledge that improves our products and benefits our clients.

Bat Booth™ in the marketplace

After being launched in 2014 Mideco’s Bat Booth™ has been helping businesses take care of their staff and environment in many locations in Australia and around the world. It is currently installed in America and Canada, and in Australia is used at Karreman Quarries, Glencore, Boral and BHP sites amongst others. Mideco’s Bat Booth™ even helps to keep the radioactive dust at bay at BHPB Olympic Dam, uranium mine. We are able to customise our dust solutions to any client and application, no matter how challenging or complex.

Mideco’s Bat Booth™ has been generating lots of interest at industry events locally and overseas. In Australia it won “Highly Commended” award in the category of “Best Practice in Work Health & Safety” at the “Australian Bulk Handling Award” in Sydney in 2016.

Overseas Bat Booth™ has been included in the Dust Control Handbook produced by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It was presented as one of the best examples of removing dust from personnel uniforms thus helping prevent dust related diseases, in particular those caused by silica exposure.

Here at Mideco we are proud to be an Australian owned business that makes a difference to people’s health and the environment. Mideco’s Bat Booth™ can help you take care of your people and your business.