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Manta5 Hydrofoil E-bike



Guy Howard-Willis (Founder and Director)

Guy Howard & Roland Alonzo

Guy has always had a passion for cycling and water sports. His passions drove him to found Torpedo7, New Zealand’s leading, outdoor and adventure sports, multi-channel retailer, and more recently, Manta5.

Innovation:Hydrofoil E-bike

In 2010 Hydrofoil technology began to revolutionise the watersports industry. For a number of months Guy drew different Hydrofoil water bike concepts. Only when Guy met Roland Alonzo, an accomplished bicycle designer with a passion for cutting-edge technology, did his dream of riding a bike on water begin to materialise.

Years of research and design later, the Manta5 team have created the world's most advanced Hydrofoil bike that allows riders to plane across the water’s surface like never before.

The Manta5 Team

Guy Howard-Willis     Co-Founder/Director

Luke Howard-Willis    Director

Phil Deason               Shareholder

Roland Alonzo           Co-Founder/Chief Product Designer

Greg Johnston          General Manager

Tim Hamer                 Manufacturing Engineer

Louis Wilks                Marketing Manager

Harrisson Jull            Electrical Engineer

Samaria Mason         Operations and Supply Chain

Stacey Kitchen          Marketing Coordinator

Dominic Wilshier       Operations Assistant

Shane Buckham       Electrical Engineer

Chun How Chew       Validation Engineer

Pierre Berthonneau   Mechanical Engineer

Blair Paterson            Head of Content

Social Media Handles

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/Manta5NZ/
YouTube:       https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsVPj0IR6D7X8J5pmeV8Fiw
Instagram:     https://www.instagram.com/manta5.nz/
Twitter:          https://twitter.com/manta5_nz
Website:        manta5.com

Contact Information

Greg Johnston
General Manager
+6427 724 0672

The Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1

X= All Water Terrain (Lake, River, Ocean)
E= Electric Motor
1= Version one

A Hydrofoil is a lifting surface, or foil, that operates in water. The Manta5 design goal has always been to replicate the cycling experience on water, whether it be lakes, coast, or ocean swells. The bike by itself is buoyant, so it floats on its own for easy retrieval. In order to keep the bike practical for transport and storage, the buoyancy has been kept to a minimum. And so, when a rider stops pedaling the bike, their combined weight will submerge under the water up to about chest-level.

However, unlike other Hydrofoil products, the rider can re-mount a stationary bike from underwater (an acquired skill with bragging rights) and perform a ‘submerged launch’ to get going again. Manta5 is the first to introduce this feature in any hydrofoil product.


If you can ride a bike and swim you will be able to ride the Hydrofoiler XE-1. However, to revel in the Hydrofoiler XE-1 there is a level of mastery required, much like learning how to ride an ordinary bike for the very first time.There are three levels of motor-assist settings that enable users to adjust the level of rider input, so in a single bike, you can have a workout or a scenic tour.

The Hydrofoiler XE-1 is designed to be modular for easy component upgrades and transportation. Users only need to undo two bolts to knock-down the bike into smaller subsections suitable for in-car or roof rack transportation. Given the materials used, the bike is light enough to be carried by hand to and from the water.

Our waterproof battery can be taken off and recharged on via any standard power outlet.

Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 Specifications

Product Specifications

It took the best aeronautical, hydrodynamic, mechanical, electrical engineers to overcome the complexities of Hydrofoils and propeller positioning to create more speed, better balance, and the ability to submerge launch- a world first.

Carbon Fibre Hydrofoils and Propeller

The knowledge gained from designing numerous combinations of foils refined and pioneered the new, smooth, easy to use Hydrofoil combination. It strikes the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability in all types of water-terrain.


•    Carbon fibre is as strong as steel, and a fraction of the weight. Our hydrofoils utilize a      Hoerner Tip design to minimise drag and extend effective wingspan.

•    The clear coated hydrofoils are easily assembled and disassembled with two Allen-key bolts into the bayonet mount and front tiller.

•    Rear wingspan is 2 metres long - able to fit inside a car.

•    Front wing is 1.2 metres long

•   Our specific wing combination is “general purpose”, and can be used on the widest range of ‘water-terrains’ E.g. Lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

•    The Hydrofoiler XE-1 is optimised for riders that weigh between  70-100 kilograms.

•    The carbon fibre reinforced nylon propeller creates a perfect balance producing thrust at low speed and reducing drag at top speed.

•    A streamlined profile makes the bike hydro and aerodynamically efficient. At the moment it can reach22km/h, but with more R&D we’re confident we can get that faster.


Superior Lithium Battery Technology and 400W E-Bike Motor


The 400W E-Bike motor has been waterproofed to an IP67 rating using world-first technique. In addition, the motor has undergone rigorous destructive testing to guarantee reliability. Revered for its power to weight ratio, this lightweight motor is also one of the quietest.


•    Cutting-edge waterproofing techniques ensure battery and motor longevity in both fresh and saltwater.
•    From one charge the battery offers an hour of pedal assistance for a 70-90kg rider in average conditions.
•    Battery housing indicators display riding modes, battery status and flight level – allowing riders to optimise their planing speed and ride time.
•    Easy Access battery pack for easy recharge into any standard wall socket.
•    Brushless motor provides pedal assist
•    BMS protection against overcharging, overcurrent, excess voltage, deep discharge, short-circuit and overheating.

Bike Frame, Buoyancy Modules, Gearbox and Drivetrain

A modular design means riders have a cost-effective upgrade path for future sporting and leisure components. Should riders wish to customise their Hydrofoilers they can select new foil combinations, buoyancy modules, motors, new propellers and battery packs as they enter the market.


•    The TIG welded 6061-T6 aluminium frame is an aircraft grade alloy renowned for its strength and weight advantages.
•    Chain & shaft-drive hybrid with industry standard components for easy replacement.
•    Buoyancy modules designed to streamline the Hydrofoiler both under and above water.   
•    Proprietary gearboxes have been designed especially to keep the streamlined body profiles narrow to reduce drag.
•    The drivetrain is designed with user-serviceability in mind. The crankset sub-assembly, the gearbox sub-assembly, and the propeller/shaft sub-assembly can all be removed independently of each other allowing for easy maintenance.  
Although we recommend that a certified bicycle mechanic should service the Manta5 Hydrofoiler, anyone with advanced DIY skills and is experienced with bicycle repair can easily maintain and service the vehicle.
Spare parts will be made available to users. Although certain items and drivetrain components are proprietary and only available from Manta5, many other items (such as bearings, seals, bushings and various bicycle components) have been specifically selected so that they can be readily sourced from appropriate retail outlets.
Manta 5  Current  Status

•    Our most recent prototype dubbed the ‘Proto6’ won Gold in the 2017 New Zealand Best Design Awards, Concept Category. As part of the application process we submitted a short video of the prototype in action on Lake Karapiro. This video has gone viral, amassing over 200 million views on Facebook alone.

•    The bike is now in the commercialization stage, and for the first time the company is opening itself up to external investment as they prepare for production and international distribution.
•    The first limited-edition production model of the Hydrofoil bike, the Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1, is now on presale in New Zealand, with delivery by late 2018, just in time for New Zealand summer
•    We are pleased to announce a $7,495NZD price tag for our very first New Zealand customers. This price is exclusive to our first Kiwi buyers, so please don't consider it a reflection of the international retail price (RRP).
•    The Hydrofoiler XE-1 was revealed to the public for the first time at an event in Auckland, New Zealand called Big Boys Toys (10-12th November).
•    Although we have received considerable international interest, the limited-edition production models will only be supplied to other countries after the initial New Zealand presales.

For more information see manta5.com