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OmniStop™ Security Bollards & HV2 Road Barrier


About Us

Saferoads has been at the forefront of the Public & Road Safety Industry for over 25 years. From a small local private company in Warragul, to a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: SRH), Saferoads has an extensive sales network and brings a wealth of innovative and road safety solutions to the Australian, New Zealand and International road safety market.

Saferoads’ reputation as a leader of industry standards is enhanced by their appointment as the exclusive Australian distributor of the world’s major roads safety brands. Thus, with these things in mind, Saferoads has created a new level of service available to those who use Road Safety Solutions.

Social Media Handles

Linkedin:    https://www.linkedin.com/company/571598/
YouTube:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YRp3nBtjHg  
Website:     www.saferoads.comau

Contact Information

Address: Saferoads Australia - Head Office
                22 Commercial Drive Pakenham, Vic 3810
                Postal: PO BOX 2030, Pakenham, Vic 3810

Email:     sales@saferoads.com.au 
Phone Number: 1800 060 672

Road safety innovations at Saferoads

Saferoads has been developing new products to keep road users and pedestrians safe. Producing market leading products in traffic calming, public lighting, temporary barriers, safety barriers, VMS boards and OmniStop Security Bollards. Saferoads continues to design, research and develop products that provide better solutions for its customers.

Saferoads are leading suppliers of high quality traffic safety solutions, extensively tested road safety products, crash barriers and traffic management solutions.


OmniStop™ Security Bollards & HV2 Road Barrier

OmniStop™ Security Bollards are renowned for Quality, Performance and Reliability. These Bollards have been designed, built and crash tested with three things in mind: Security, Affordability and Ease of Installation.

Darren Hotchkin, Chief Executive Officer at Saferoads, says “OmniStop Bollards suit the discerning customer whose number one priority is to protect people or assets.”

They’re the safety measures often found around tram stops, near construction sites and around shared vehicle and pedestrian areas.

If you visit Melbourne’s CBD, chances are you’ll pass an OmniStop Bollard. Designed to save the lives of pedestrians, they stop vehicles entering public areas.

OmniStop Bollards have proven effectiveness - successfully crash tested and found to conform to ASTM F3016 and has been on the market since 2004.

The OmniStop is available in two different models - The OmniStop Ultra Security Bollard & The OmniStop Super Duty Security Bollard, offering different levels of protection, depending on the application and is perfect solution for a range of applications including asset protection, pedestrian dining protection and work zone areas. Not only are OmniStop Security bollards easy to install, they are available in a variety of colours.

The OmniStop™ Ultra Security Bollard provides protection in a diverse range of applications. Some examples of these applications include asset protection for gas, electricity and fuel tanks, school zones, bus shelters, tram/light rail stops, Pedestrian Refuges & Islands, Outdoor Café dining areas, Outdoor Bars, Hotels, Work zones, Shared traffic zones, Esplanades/ walk ways / concourses, Airports, Anti-hoon deterrence and High Risk Terrorist Areas.

The OmniStop Ultra Security Bollard is crash tested to 50km/h (30mph) with a 1600kg/3500lb vehicle.

The OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard provides affordable protection and acts as a deterrent in high risk terrorist areas and protection for high density pedestrian areas.
The OmniStop Super Duty Security Bollard is crash tested to 50km/h (30mph) with a 2270kg (5000lb).


HV2 Barrier


Another project the company has been developing is the HV2 Road Barrier, a free standing, temporary longitudinal barrier system which has been successfully crash tested to MASH TL-4.


The design team travelled to the USA in January 2018 and celebrated as they watched the barrier withstand the impact of a 10-tonne truck.

The patented hybrid techonology and unique connectors, allow Saferoads HV2 Safety Barrier to offer high containment and low deflection, while remaining economical to transport and deploy with no time-consuming anchoring required. It just needs to be set up on a worksite and it’s ready to go.

Each barrier is 2088 kilograms with an overall length of 5.85 metres. The average trailer able to transport nine to 11 at a time. With a four-man crew and tight delivery schedule, 1000 metres of HV2 can be deployed in a single shift.


•    High containment

•    Freestanding Barrier

•    Low deflection

•    Safe redirection

•    Fast deployment and retrieval

•    No anchoring required

•    Economical to transport

•    Maintenance free

•    Durable


To improve public and road safety, through ongoing innovation