VR Products 1


The amount of work involved to program a robot to take on any type of task, no matter how small, can be incredibly tedious. Tasks that likely require expert levels of development and programming. Embodied Intelligence Inc., a startup co-founded by Pieter Abbeel, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at University of California, Berkeley, along with his students, Peter Chen, Rocky Duan and Tianhao Zhang—are looking to change this with VR. Thanks to a VR headset like the HTC Vive and accompanying motion controllers, you can show a robot named Brett how to tackle simple tasks without ever having to write any additional code. Robot Brett mimics your VR movements and learns the motions patterns of the task at hand. After a while the robot learns and starts to match how you as the human operator would have done to task. Eventually Brett can take over the task without any assistance.Much like a puppet master, you can guide the robot’s arms. What you see in the VR headset is the POV from the actual robot’s camera. After roughly 30 minutes, Brett is able to take over on his own, remembering all the human motions and movements. The idea is similar to how you may train a new employee on their first day or teach someone how to assemble a table—but instead that new employee is robot Brett.